Ontario Drill Hole Database

Coordinate system: 26915 - "NAD83 / UTM zone 15N"


The Ontario Drill Hole Database (ODHD) can be used to identify drill holes in Ontario and contains information for over 141,000 percussion, overburden, sonic and diamond-drill holes.

Data include location, company name, company hole number, hole orientation, hole depth, and overburden depth if applicable.

Data are provided in two formats in this release:

  • a relational database, and
  • a seamless ODHD provincial coverage in a geospatial GIS (ESRI® shape file) format
The complete ODHD relational database is provided in Microsoft® Access® 2007/2010 (.accdb) format. Supplementary data is available for download from the additional documentation section. The supplementary data contains Microsoft® Access® and KML data formats.

Additional Documentation