GeoEye Satellite Image of Downtown Toronto - 2007

Coordinate system: 26917 - "NAD83 / UTM zone 17N"


This dataset consists of an georeferenced GeoEye (IKONOS-2) Satellite Image taken on July 3, 2007. The image is of Downtown Toronto.

The dataset package consists of two image files in GeoTIFF format: A a 11bit panchromatic (black and white) image with a 1 metre resolution and multispectral image with a 4 metre resolution. The multispectral image contains the following four bands:

  • Band 1 = Blue
  • Band 2 = Green
  • Band 3 = Red
  • Band 4 = Near-infrared

Additional product metadata and HDR files containing raster parameters are available in the additional documentation section below

Additional Documentation