Land Information Ontario

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


This digital data release, produced as part of the Lake Nipigon Region Geoscience Initiative (LNRGI), contains location information, rock descriptions, detailed petrographic descriptions, photomicrographs and qualitative modal analyses for 250 thin sections collected within the 2003 LNRGI bedrock mapping project area (OFR6136 and MRD132). Location information is given in the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projection and grid system, Zone 16, North American Datum 1983, and is listed in Table 7. Samples are mainly from Nipigon diabase sills, Archean basement rocks, and the English Bay Complex.[248] Zone 16 & 17N[249] Zone 16 & 18[250] Zone 17S