Toronto Mono Viewer [TMV 2]

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


Toronto Mono Viewer 2 allows you to view and obtain information from aerial photos of the entire City of Toronto. TMV2 is a custom viewer software that is linked to 1,500 aerial images, 435,000 municipal addresses and 64,000 x,y,z co-ordinate points covering the entire amalgamated City of Toronto. Simply search or browse for an area, zoom in and out and you have a clear, quality aerial photograph.* Gain instant access to georeferenced, high resolution aerial images of the entire City of Toronto* Access built in property mapping* Search to easily locate street intersections, addresses, or GPS co-ordinates* Pan across the entire city, jumping from image to image* Zoom into images at scales beyond 1:1,000* Measure lengths, perimeters, areas, elevations, and slope percentages* Overlay georeferenced CAD vector files* Create your own maps and label them* Paste views into reports using the Windows� clipboard* Export views as TIFF imagesSimply search by street intersection or address to instantly view the required aerial image. Then zoom in or out to scales beyond 1:1000 and pan through the image to obtain the exact required view on the screen.Reference the supplied mapping files or your own vector mapping in dgn and dxf format onto the aerial image. Instantly view property lines and street lines by referencing the built-in property mapping.TMV2 includes:* Over 1,500 aerial photos* Property and street line mapping* Street Centreline (including street names) mapping* Orthoimagery and Property Data Map Indexes, and* Ravine Mapping