Digital Elevation Model of the Greater Toronto Area, Southern Ontario Bathymetry

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


A hydrologically conditioned Digital elevation Model has been developed for the Greater Toronto Area of southern Ontario and for Lake Ontario. The model has been developed from 1:50 000 NTDB data onshore and Canadian Hydrographic Service bathymetric point data for Lake Ontario. Terrain specific interpolation and drainage enforcement techniques within the ARC/INFO TOPOGRID software module were used to interpolate the data to a gred cell of 30m. Verification of the model demonstrates that elevations are correct to plus or minus 3m. This digital elevation model is suitable for the automatic delineation of watersheds. This report documents the development of the model included on this compact disc. The model was developed as part of the Geological Survey of Canada Oak Ridges Moraine National Mapping and Hydrogeology programs in conjunction with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Canadian Hydrographic Service. ; 3 metre accuracy