Assessment File Research Image (AFRI) Database

Coordinate system: 4326 - "WGS 84"


Assessment Files contain the historical and technical results from all mining and exploration work done in the province of Ontario. Data includes: details on location, property ownership, type of work done, commodities sought for each assessment file, and a link to the original PDF assessment.

Assessments are filed with the Ontario Government by companies that have staked claims and are required to perform exploration work in order to maintain the status of their claim. The reports of work are assessed, and then filed in hard copy form.

These hard copy Assessment Files have been captured digitally and now comprise the Assessment File Research Image Database (AFRI) which consists of more than 68,000 reports (1.5 million document pages and maps) filed by exploration companies since the 1940s. Reports contain airborne geophysical, ground geophysical, geological, geochemical, diamond drilling and trenching information. The Assessment Files have been captured in digital form as raster images of the paper assessment files, a tabular index and vectorized assessment area polygons.

The AFRI database provides quick and effective access through an Alphanumeric Index, allowing you to search the database by keywords, by map index, showing the exploration property outlines and a by a report reading window showing the actual report including pages and maps.

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