Wooded Area

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


Revision Note: Please note that this dataset has been revised and is available from the Land Information Ontario (LIO) Warehouse.

Wooded Area polygons represent the boundaries of woodlands (forests, woodlots, hedgerows, and plantations) in Southern Ontario.

The woodland dataset is one of numerous products derived through the implementation of the SOLRIS project. The methodology used in SOLRIS Phase 1 involves updating the NRVIS wooded area (WOODAREA concrete class) data through the interpretation of remotely sensed data including orthophotography, Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) and colour infrared aerial photography.

Wooded Area polygons represent the boundaries of woody vegetation (including shrubs) mapped to Ontario Base Mapping standards in Northern Ontario (EcoRegion 5E) and a revised standard to capture more definitive 'treed areas' in Southern Ontario (EcoRegions 6E and 7E). Trees and shrubs in this layer have a minimum of 2 meter height.

Supplementary tables can be used and are available for download from the additional documentation section.

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