Species Occurrence, Provincially Tracked

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


This dataset is an export of provincially tracked species element occurrences (EOs) from the Biotics database maintained by the Natural Heritage Information Centre. This layer contains species occurrences for over 1700 provincially tracked species, including species with provincial status commonly known as Species at Risk.

The Element Occurrence (EO) records that form the core of this dataset include: information on the location, status, characteristics, numbers, condition, and distribution of elements of biological diversity using established Natural Heritage Methodology developed by NatureServe and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). An Element Occurrence (EO) is an area of land and/or water in which a species or natural community is, or was, present. An EO should have practical conservation value for the Element as evidenced by potential continued (or historical) presence and/or regular recurrence at a given location.

For species Elements, the EO often corresponds with the local population, but when appropriate may be a portion of a population or a group of nearby populations (e.g., metapopulation). For community Elements, the EO may represent a stand or patch of a natural community, or a cluster of stands or patches of a natural community. Because they are defined on the basis of biological information, EOs may cross jurisdictional boundaries. An Element Occurrence record is a data management tool that has both spatial and tabular components including a mappable feature and its supporting database. EOs are typically represented by bounded, mapped areas of land and/or water or, at small scales, the centroid point of this area. EO records are most commonly created for current or historically known occurrences of natural communities or native species of conservation interest. They may also be created, in some cases, for extirpated occurrences. This layer is part of what was known as the OMNR Non-Fundamental Dataset.

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