Ontario Toponymic Database (OTDB)

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


The Ontario Toponymic Database (OTDB) is a centralized source for government approved geographic names, their locations and physical extents/boundaries (where known). It is the geographic naming policy authority and provincial record keeper specifically for geographic feature and unincorporated place (community) names in Ontario. This information holding also contains select sets of official government names authorized by other authorities (Municipalities, Federal Government, etc.) that have been geo-referenced to similar standards as the core feature and community name sets.

Additional information collected includes: data on the status of proposed and rescinded names, name origins, name histories and treatment of official names in other languages. The current standard digital product contains: Official and official alternate names; French-text Equivalent names; linguistic treatment code; feature type; UTM and latitude and longitude references at feature centroid/river mouth - NAD83; Ontario Basic Map and National Topographic Sheet references at feature centroid/river mouth.

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