Ontario Base Map (OBM) Digital Data

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


This data set is an index identifying Ontario Base Map (OBM) map tiles and digital vector data available for each tile. Eastern and Southern Ontario is covered at a scale of 1:10,000 and Northern Ontario is covered at a scale of 1:20,000.

Ontario Base Maps (OBM) are a series of maps created and updated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources between 1977 and 2000. The MNR extracted the 33 layers from their NAD83 NRVIS dataset to create the NAD83 digital OBM sheets and vector data packages. The data provided may not be spatially defined upon download and may need to be defined using GIS (e.g. NAD 83 UTM Zone 18).

The data and maps cover most of Ontario and contain many features normally found on topographic maps such as relief, hydrography, vegetation and roads.

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