Forest Cover

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


Revision Note: Please note that this dataset has been revised and is available from the Land Information Ontario (LIO) Warehouse

Identifies and describes the forested area in the province of Ontario within the Forest Management Area of the undertaking and the confines of the Northern Boreal Initiative. Forested areas may either be currently forested or managed as future-forests. These areas may be described with various measurement values, observations, and development-stage data. The level of detail in which a forest is described will vary according to local need.

Relevant legislation associated and identified by the Forest Information Manual (FIM) dictates minimum content and vintage of data within the Area of the Undertaking and the Northern Boreal Initiative. There are no inventories planned for Southern Ontario. Water is delineated but not described. Non-forested areas such as rock, muskeg, developed agricultural land, etc. are identified but are only described with ecosite codes.

Note: For the purposes of brevity, references to the FIM Forest Resources Inventory Technical Specifications have been shortened in field descriptions to FRI Tech Spec.

*Includes the Crown Forest Sustainability Act (1995), Class Environmental Assessment for Timber Management on Crown Land (Timber EA).

Supplementary tables can be used and are available for download from the additional documentation section. Supplementary look-up table descriptions are available in the SNIF document, which is available for download from the additional documentation section. This layer is part of what was known as the OMNR Non-Fundamental Dataset.

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