Fisheries Data Catalog, Niagara Area

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


The Niagara Area Fisheries Data Catalog contains geo-referenced records of fisheries and fish habitat surveys within the Niagara Administrative Area of Guelph District, OMNR. The catalog consists of two separate tables: a Survey table (tblSurvey) and a Specimen table (tblSpecimen). The Survey table contains survey records from a variety of agencies, organizations and individuals. Each survey record can be geo-referenced as a point using the values in the table's Easting and Northing fields (coordinates are UTM Zone 17, NAD 83). Each record can be flagged as belonging to one or more of the following 10 Survey Types:

  • Biomass Estimate
  • MOE Contaminant Study
  • FishwayMonitoring
  • Index Netting
  • Relative Abundance
  • Species Presence/Absence
  • Spawning Study
  • Tagging
  • Inventory
  • Fish Community

Each survey record includes the surveying agency, survey date, waterbody name, survey methods, and several additional items. The Specimen table contains records of fish specimens collected at various surveys. Each record in the Survey table may have one or more related records in the Specimen table, although some surveys have no related records. The two tables can be related using the SurveyID field, a field which appears in both tables. This catalog is available as a packaged product from the LIO Warehouse.