Fisheries Data Catalog, Huron-Perth Area

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


The Huron-Perth Area Fisheries Data Catalog contains geo-referenced records of fisheries and fish habitat surveys and events within the Huron-Perth Administrative Area of Guelph District, OMNR. Records from a wide variety of agencies, organizations and individuals are included in the catalog.

Each record is geo-referenced as a point, and is flagged as belonging to one or more of the following 20 information categories:

  • aquatic habitat assessment
  • barrier to fish migration
  • benthic invertebrate inventory
  • creel survey
  • fish biomass
  • fish contaminant data
  • fishing derby data
  • fluvial geomorphological data
  • fish inventory
  • fish kill
  • fish nursery area
  • fish population estimate
  • fish stocking information
  • fishway data
  • hydrogeological information
  • rehabilitation information
  • stream discharge
  • spawning survey
  • water quality data
  • water temperature

Each record also includes a file number which references a specific hardcopy file within the Huron-Perth Administrative Area's fisheries filing system. The catalog is available as a packaged product in the LIO Warehouse.