Crown Leased Land - Replaced

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


This data set is a polygon feature that can be used to identify Crown Land that is leased to the public. The data available in this layer is categorized as either:

  • Crown Leased Land - Crown Leased Land is Crown land that is leased to the public. You can obtain these boundaries from the Crown Land Survey records.
  • or

  • Unspecified Crown Leased Land - Include private lands, federal lands, and crown lands not in parks.
  • Retirement Note: Data is this layer has been integrated into:

    • Crown Land - MNR Non-Freehold Dispositions;
    • Crown Land - MNR Unpatented Land;
    • Crown Land - MNR Acquisitions and/or Patent Land.
    This layer is part of what was known as the OMNR Non-Fundamental Dataset.

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