Provincially Tracked Species 1KM Grid Other Service Interface

This 1km x 1km grid is referenced by the Natural Heritage Information Centre to provide supplemental information and links about provincially tracked species, wildlife concentration areas, DFO Critical habitat locations, natural areas and plant communities. Only 1 km grid squares having associated species occurrence data records covering that geographic area will be featured in this layer. The scope of data class sources used to derive this information includes: 1) Species Occurrence, Provincially Tracked (SPEOCCPT) 2) Wildlife Concentration Area, Provincially Tracked (WCAOCCPT) 3) Plant Community Occurrence, Provincially Tracked (PCOCCPT) as well as data for DFO Critical Habitat and NHIC Natural Areas Note: The spatial data for this layer is derived from the UTM 1KM Grid (UTM1KM) spatial data class. A 1km x 1km Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid that is a standard reference index for Ontario. This data class is intended to replace 1km "Species of conservation concern, plant communities and wildlife concentration areas" data currently available on the NHIC "Get Information" page at Please note: Links within the data to further reporting are currently under development. (as of April 6, 2016)