ORM Land Use Designations Moraine d’Oak Ridges : désignations d'aménagement des terres

Data Format(s): Unavailable

Coordinate system: Grid CS = Universal Transverse Mercator; Map Proj = Mercator; Horiz. Datum = NAD83; Vert. Datum = Not Applicable

ORM, land use Describe the Data Set or Information Holding: This data set contains land use designations for the Oak Ridges Moraine. These data were digitized at 1:10,000 or better using 0.5 metre airphotos, MNR, DMTI, Upper and Lower-tier Official Plans and digital vector layers. Built using MNR data as base. Legislated or Legal Authority for Collection: This layer is the basis for Ontario Regulation 140/02. O.Reg. 140/02 resides at 777 Bay St. 14th Floor. See contact information. Additional Time Period Information: Land use layer current as of start date