Ontario Land Cover Compilation v.2.0 Préparation cartographique de couverture terrestre v. 2.0

Data Format(s): ESRI File Geodatabase

Coordinate system: NAD83 / Ontario MNR Lambert (EPSG:3161)

The Ontario Land Cover Compilation (OLCC) is a rationalized land cover product for the province of Ontario, combining three separate land cover databases (Far North Land Cover v1.4, Southern Ontario Land Resource Information System (SOLRIS) v1.2, and the Provincial Land Cover 2000 Edition). While each of these source products has differing pixel resolutions, projections and classifications, the resulting OLCC database is a standardized product with a pixel resolution of 15 metres, a coordinate system of Ontario Lambert Conformal Conic and a class structure of 29 land cover classes. However, the standardized classification has been accomplished at the expense of the more detailed class structures contained within the source land cover products. Where possible, the original land cover products should be used for analysis. This is an update to OLCC v1.0. In this version the Far North Land Cover component has been updated and extends farther south into the Area of Undertaking (AOU) and into Manitoba than the previous version.