Ontario Dam Inventory (Packaged Product) - Replaced

Data Format(s): Ontario Dam Inventory

Coordinate system: Grid CS = Geographic (Lat, Long); Map Proj = Not Applicable; Horiz. Datum = NAD83; Vert. Datum = Not Applicable

The Ontario Dam Inventory (ODI) is a point based (x, y location) inventory of medium and large dams throughout Ontario. The ODI does not contain small dams, small water control structures, beaver dams, water crossings, road embankments, locks, falls, rapids or culverts. The ODI is not intended to carry extensive attribution for all business areas. Each dam location has an identifier that other databases can link to. The contents of this packaged product will be moving into a new structured data class within the LIO Warehouse. At that time, this packaged product will be retired from distribution and the data will be available from the new product. See metadata at: https://www.javacoeapp.lrc.gov.on.ca:443/geonetwork?uuid=9a57609e-0047-4c3b-9100-c78a7d4cf614