North West Ontario Othophotography Project (NWOOP) 2017 Classified LAS Geographic Information (recommended)

Data Format(s): LAS

Coordinate system: Grid CS = Universal Transverse Mercator; Map Proj = Transverse Mercator; Horiz. Datum = NAD83; Vert. Datum = CGD28 - CDN

The North West Ontario Orthophotography Project (NWOOP) 2017 Classified LAS is a classified elevation point cloud based on the NWOOP 2017 orthophotography collected across areas of North West Ontario in the spring of 2017. NWOOP 2017 LAS elevation points have been classified into Unclassified, Ground and Noise categories by the contractor. This 128 GB dataset is available in the form of 29,015 non-overlapping 1 Km compressed LAS tiles.