MNRF Make a Topographic Map Carte topographique du ministère des Ressources naturelles et des Forêts

Data Format(s): MNRF Make a Topographic Map

The MNRF Make a Topographic Map is a web mapping application that features the best available topographic data and imagery for Ontario. Users can easily toggle between traditional map backgrounds and high-resolution imagery or choose to overlay the topographic information with the imagery. Features such as roads, trails, lakes, rivers, wooded areas, wetlands, provincial parks, as well as municipal, township and other administrative boundaries can be readily displayed. Using cached imagery and topographic data, the application provides a fast, seamless display at pre-defined scales. The caches are updated annually. The Application was built by the GIS Centre of Excellence using Esri ArcGIS Server and GeoCortex Essentials. Users do not require special software or licenses.