MNDM Alienations MDNM Aliénations

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Coordinate system: Grid CS = Universal Transverse Mercator; Map Proj = Geographic; Horiz. Datum = NAD83; Vert. Datum = Not Applicable

An Alienation refers to lands that have either been withdrawn from claim staking (withdrawal) or have certain conditions pertaining to acquisition or exploration (notice or notification). A withdrawal is an area of Crown Land that has been withdrawn from staking or other use for surface rights, mining rights or both surface and mining rights under various legislative authorities (Mining Act or Public Lands Act). These lands cannot be bought, sold, or transferred. These are usually requests generated by MNRF for lands that form part of a newly proposed Provincial Park/Conservation Area, for an area MNRF will conduct a prescribed burn for example, or an area where there is/are contentious staking activities. MNDM has areas of Special Notices as a type of alienation. These are areas that are still open for staking, but fall under special staking and exploration conditions (for example, the Temagami area, or abandoned mines related lands that have been rehabilitated)