LiDAR Eastern Acquisition Project (LEAP) Digital Terrain Model (DTM) (2009) Geographic Information (recommended)

Data Format(s): TBD

Coordinate system: Vertical Reference System = Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum 1928 (CGVD28)

LiDAR Eastern Acquisition Project (LEAP) DTM (2009) consists of a 1 meter resolution Digital Terrain Model based upon elevation information derived from returns collected by an airborne lidar sensor. The lidar DTM covers an area including Prince Edward County, Ontario, with a total project area of 4567 KM2 encompassing the Picton ecodistrict known as ‘6E-15’. This data was acquired and collected by the contractor during May and December of 2009 and was delivered in 2010. An extensive technical review of the LEAP deliverables conducted by MNRF’s former Southern Region identified a number of inconsistencies and errors in the data based on the Technical Guidelines and specifications and identified that the lidar deliverables did not adhere to the specifications within the Agreement. MNRF staff subsequently made extensive quality control improvements to the deliverables resulting in what is considered to be a fully modified, edited, and reformatted derivative product.