Lake Ontario Management Unit Fish Community Index Bottom Trawling Deepwater Sculpin Data Geographic Information (recommended)

This data is a subset of the Lake Ontario Fish Community Index Trawling program conducted annually (ongoing annually since 1992) by the Lake Ontario Management Unit to assess the status and changes of the Lake Ontario fish community including species specific indices (i.e. Lake Trout rehabilitation targets). Trawling occurs at fixed site locations during the summer months. This data series includes trawl data collected between 1996 and 2015 from three fixed sites within the Kingston Basin of Lake Ontario (EB02, EB03, EB06) as well as a depth stratified (60, 80, 90, 100, 110, 130, 140m depths) fixed site series of trawls stretching in to the main basin of Lake Ontario south of Long Point in Prince Edward County (also referred to as Rocky Point). Trawl data includes coordinates of the trawl transect as well as date, time, depth and duration data. Additionally, catch records of Deepwater Sculpin for those trawl sites have been provided along with biological data (length, weight, sex, maturity) from a subsample of the total catch.