Bathymetry Index Index bathymétrique

Data Format(s): Shapefile

Coordinate system: NAD83 (EPSG:4269)

Over the course of 50 years the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF) has captured bathymetry data for over 10,000 lakes across Ontario. In 1968 the Department of Lands and Forests initiated the Aquatic Habitat Inventory Program to collect information for Ontario’s inland water data. One product was a series of contour maps showing lake depth. In many cases, these maps still represent the only authoritative source of bathymetry data for lakes in Ontario. These maps have been converted to digital GIS data which has resulted in the vast majority of the current data in the Bathymetry Line data class. More recent bathymetric data has been collected using sonar and GPS technology. This modern technique creates lake depth points (spot depths) rather than contours. This point data is stored in the Bathymetry Point data class. The Bathymetry Index contains polygons representing the boundaries of all lakes that have bathymetry populated in the Bathymetry Line data class. Limited metadata information unique to each lake such as the survey year, survey method and scale of original map is included with the polygons. The polygons have been copied from OHN but do not necessarily represent the actual extent of bathymetric mapping within a given lake (bathymetric mapping could be larger or smaller than polygon extents). Bathymetry point and line data should not be used for navigational purposes. For more information visit