Turn Restrictions Table (trn)

Coordinate system: 4326 - "WGS 84"


This table identifies road segments on which it is prohibited to turn from one street segment to another. There are two different classifications of turn restrictions; legislated and non-legislated.

Legislated Turn Restrictions are prohibited turning movements set out by municipal bylaw where signage is posted. One, or a combination of several restrictions may be listed. Example: No left turn from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., Monday through Friday. Non-legislated Turn Restrictions are physical restrictions that restrict turning movements-- options that would be considered valid otherwise if the physical restriction was not captured.

An example of this situation is the overpass crossing over another street. In this scenario, a turn cannot be made directly from the overpass to the road below and vice versa.

Note: In 2012, there was a datum change from NAD83 to WGS84.

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